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Summer Camp Schedule

Spring Clinics

Shooting Clinic:

Shooting is a skill that deserves its own clinic! While everyone understands the basics of taking a good shot, there is a lot of nuances to being a consistent, successful shooter. Come learn the specific skillwork involved in being a great shooter, and be sure you're ready for playoffs this spring!

March 26th 

Ann Morrison Park, Field 8


All ages and skill levels welcome!  


Jackson Winter Clinic Series - March 23rd

Billings Winter Clinic Series - April

Summer Camps & Clinics

Summer Camps: 

All ages and skill levels welcome! 

Boise Elite Summer Prep Bootcamp: 

Bozeman Camp: 

Boise Day Camp 1:

Billings Camp: 

Boise Day Camp 2: 

Kalispell Camp:

Sun Valley Showcase: 

Summer Clinics: 

All ages and skill levels welcome! 


Conditioning & Stickwork Clinics - Boise: 

Conditioning & Stickwork Clinics - Meridian:

Conditioning & Stickwork Clinics - Eagle: 

Summer Skill Sessions

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