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Timberline Lacrosse Club

The Timberline Club Team is an elite high school lacrosse club that competes on a national scale and provides collegiate exposure to players that are interested in playing at the next level. Our goal is to develop well rounded players that not only get noticed by collegiate recruiters, but have the physical and mental training to be successful at the next level. 

We believe this experience is about more than becoming an elite lacrosse player. We strive to foster an environment that focuses on being elite in every aspect: on the field, in the classroom and as a person.

This season we are going to have the following teams: 

- Elite Black Team 

- Elite White Team

- Elite Timberline North Team (Representing Montana and Wyoming)

- Elite Green Team 

- Elite Middle School Team 

We also have practice positions available for each of these teams. Practice players do have to qualify. Please send us an email to learn more!


25 Practices in Boise, ID over the course of 3 seasons. 


4 Tournaments throughout the course of the year. Tournaments are chosen to prioritize national competition and recruiting exposure.  


Ages: Rising High School Freshman - Rising Seniors 

Team participation includes:

- Elite Collegiate Lacrosse Training 

- College Recruiting Guidance 

- Off season training guidance 

*Does not interfere with regular lacrosse season!

We expect our players to work on their individual skillwork and conditioning outside of practice and to strive for the academic standing possible. We do not interfere with the high school lacrosse season, and encourage participation in other high school sports when they are in season. 


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